Narrative of Betrayal

Director of Photography: Craig Matthew
Director: Craig Matthew
Editor: Ronelle Loots
© Doxa Productions 1999
Duration: 27 minutes
Set in Angola, Narrative of Betrayal explores issues around African democracy and national identity in a country crippled by internal conflict. The film examines a society with concentrated pockets of oil and diamond wealth, vast poverty and corruption. It is a reflection on individual responses to a desperate political situation where violent conflict is the norm.
Members of the "Angolan Group for Reflection on Peace" meet on a rooftop in Luanda to discuss their country's predicament: What is freedom of thought, what went wrong in the transition from socialism to democracy, how is Angolan identity influenced by European values and the concept of an African Renaissance... and what is the vision for the future?
The contemplative words of these four thinkers give shape and meaning to the images of war-torn Angola. As a member of the group expresses, "We had dreams once, we can dream again"