Directors: Jean Michel Meurice (Pont du Jour) and Joelle Chesselet (Doxa Productions)
©Point du Jour and Doxa Productions 1992
Distributor: La Sept (France)
Duration: 120 minutes

The unbanning of political organisations and the release of Nelson Mandela in 1990 marked the end of an era in South African history. It was at this time that Doxa Productions, in association with Point du Jour, began work on 'Apartheid' - a documentary that takes viewers from the emergence of Apartheid ideology to the referendum in March 1992. The result is a visual history pieced together from archival material, much of which was not seen by South Africans at the time.

"I was close to tears. This film is something that our children must see."  - Archbishop Desmond Tutu, June 1992.

"Apartheid is a meticulously researched visual history of South Africa's policy of legislated racism. The collective sum of media images, interviews and press clippings adds up to a chronologically tight, often chilling whole."  - Karen Rutter Cape Times. 17 June 1992