Lifelines of Western Namibia

Ephemeral Rivers and Their Catchments

Director of Photography: Craig Matthew
Written and Directed by: Joelle Chesselet
© Doxa Productions 1995
Duration: 40 minutes

This environmental awareness film examines the ecology of ephemeral rivers in Namibia - rivers which flow only when rains fall and form linear oases which feed animals, plants and man in fragile semi-desert environments. Water management issues are analysed, showing the relation between urban Centres and their water resources.

The camera, for instance, witnesses a desert river coming down in flood and the spectacular course it takes to the river mouth. This film was intended for, amongst others, decision makers in governmental institutions and NGOs and compliments the book 'Ephemeral Rivers and Their Catchments, Sustaining People and Development in Western Namibia' by Peter and Kathy Jacobson, Lars Karlsson and Mary Seely.