Film Making

Since 1987 when Craig Matthew and Joelle Chesselet formed Doxa Productions, the company has filmed, researched and directed documentaries, news and inserts for international television networks and agencies including WTN, ARD, BBC, ABC, CBC, ITN and Channel 4. 
During this era Dora Productions, in collaboration with Shifty Music, documented the alternative music scene in South Africa by making music videos and documentaries for artists such as Jennifer Ferguson, The Genuines. The Tananas, Andre LeTot, Johannes Kerkorrel, Lesego Rampologeng, Vusi Mahasca, Pele van der Liegt, Koos Kombuis and the Alternative Afrikaner Voëlvry Music Tour.
Doxa Productions has produced a number of intentional acclaimed documentary films:
  • Apartheid (1992)
  • Mercury- An Island Diary (1994)
  • Lifelines of Western Namibia - Ephemeral Rivers and Their Catchments (1995)
  • This crazy thing called Grace - Desmond Tutu and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (1997)
  • Narrative of Betrayal (1999)
  • River of Memory (1999, a pre-cursor to Ochre and Water)
  • Ochre and Water (2001)
Craig Matthew, director of Doxa Productions, was also Director of Photography for many productions including:
  • The Truth Commission (BBC)
  • The Long Journey of Clement Zulu (BBC)
  • The Black Sash - The Early Years
  • Robben Island and Anne Frank (Vara TV)
  • Free to Move Namibia
  • A Year After Independence (Channel 4)
  • Shadows of the Cape - Memories of a Returning Exile (BBC and Welsh Television)
  • Aids: Spread the Word
  • Not the Virus (directed by Liz Fish)
  • Hope in the Congo (PBS)
  • The Insurgency (October Films for BBC and PBS)
  • King Leopold's Ghost (Linden Productions)
The Insurgency, directed and produced by Tom Roberts (October Films) for BBC and PBS, takes an uncompromising look inside the Sunni-led insurgency against the occupation of Iraq and the Shia-controlled government. Using personal video footage and still photographs, two journalists provide a unique portrait of this resistance by travelling into areas of Iraq untouched by the coalition forces, to try to understand the Iraqis and foreign fighters who make up the insurgency and what led them to take up arms against the US and British troops.
King Leopold's Ghost, directed by Pippa Scott for Linden Productions and based on Adam Hochschild's critically acclaimed international bestseller -King Leopold's Ghost: A Story of Greed, Terror, and Heroism in Colonial Africa. The film is a culmination of four years of intensive research, which centers on the atrocities that are still happening every day in the Congo as a result of King Leopold II of Belgium's rule and the development of one of the world's first human rights movements."