Natural Knowledge Explorer


The Natural Knowledge Explorer (NKX) is an online platform for any person  or organisation wishing to build and share their stories. Integrating diverse content, from videos, images, documents and audio through to importing and incorporating posts from social media and other online platforms, for the first time the NKX gives users the opportunity to bring together these diverse items into a single coherent, visually engaging and truly immersive picture of events. The NKX creates a living world in which everyone's stories may be represented alongside each another, intersecting one another across both time and space. Users are encouraged to explore these connections, revealing how their own stories interlink with the stories of others.

One unique feature of the NKX approach is that it provides the means to reveal stories not only as a guided narrative, but also giving visitors the opportunity to explore all of the content that sits behind this narrative. The NKX gives you full control over your entire range of web based assets, the ability to privately manage and tag these, and the ability to publicly present them in a truly engaging and meaningful way. The system focusses on continuous storytelling, where older stories are instantly accessible , bringing to the forefront the ongoing relationships that exist between items and the stories which they make up.