Interactive Projects

Interactive and Archival Projects

Doxa Productions' interactive and archival projects present a pioneering method for the organisation and presentation of digitised material, using the Natural Knowledge TM architecture an immersive approach to archiving developed by Doxa.

This involves the integration of mapping technologies, quantitative data, audio-isual, textual, photographic and interactive 3-dimensional panoramic components into new complex narratives.

The company inflated a long term Digital Archival Platform project in 2005 which entails sourcing previously unknown audio-visual archival material, establishing relationships with important archival collections, the digitsation and preservation of audio-visual archives, as well as the access of digitised material through interactive knowledge

There are five streams currently contained within the broader Digital Archival Platform: the Liberation Struggle Archival Platform, Kaoko Living Archive Project. San Living Archive Project, Mapping the Human Mind and Conflict Resolution.