About Doxa Productions

Doxa Productions is an independent documentary film, video digitising and interactive design company based in Cape Town, South Africa. It was formed in 1987 by Craig Matthew and Joelle Chesselet, who were both covering political developments in South Africa for international news networks and agencies at the time. In ancient Greek, the term "Doxa" referred to a zone ensuring that the legacy of dialogue and experience formed out of the many discussions held in the gathering places of villages and cities, had an independent space in which to grow - culture upon culture, layer upon layer, fiction upon fiction. Doxa Productions has been involved in the documentation of the political landscape in Africa for more than 25 years and has produced a number of internationally acclaimed documentary films around the unfolding of socio-political events and environmental awareness on the continent.

The company initiated a long term Digital Archival Platform project in 2005 which involves sourcing previously unknown audio-visual archival material, establishing relationships with important archival collections, the digitisation and preservation of audio-visual archives, as well as the access to digitised material through interactive knowledge environments.

The natural Natural Knowledge Explorer (NKX), an interactive and immersive approach to online archiving and storytelling developed by Doxa, presents a pioneering method for the organisation and presentation of digitised material, allowing organisations to fully manage and present their collections, and to begin unlocking the true value of their content. The NKX platform allows it's users to bring together a diverse range of asset types into unified and immersive story narratives around the subjects presented. Users explore story paths across both space and time, placing their own stories alongside the stories of others and allowing for truly meaningful exploration of the relationships and intersections that exist between these different views.